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Few things strike terror and fury into my theatre-going heart like the words "In a new version by [...]" on the website/review/flyer of a a play not originally written in English. New translations, great! Don't use the one from 1905. But new versions? I want to see Ibsen, not someone else's supposedly more exiting text.* I suppose on the plus side, that's one less trip to London that I have to make or feel bad about not making.** Maybe next time someone decides to be exciting and original with Ibsen they could just put it on in Norwegian with subtitles.

* Though I would definitely have gone to that Swedish version of Hamlet in which he's a murderer, I speak as a person who has had ample opportunity to see Hamlet.

** If it were cheap and local, I might try it out anyway. But when it involves the train, extra cost, and a late night, nope.
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That sounds fascinating. (Come to think of it, so is Shakespeare's Hamlet a murderer, if you count Polonius, but presumably this is something more intentional?)

Much though I enjoyed both Hedda Gabler and A Doll's House, I never could work out what they were doing on an English Literature A-level syllabus.

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Yes! It's ESP was "Hamlet is a psychopath in a pink jumper!" and I would definitely have gone to see it had I had any knowledge of Swedish at the time.
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Hamlet also has Rosencrantz and Guildenstern bumped off very cold-bloodedly and his behaviour towards Ophelia and Laertes suggests he has self-control issues. And his desire not just to kill Claudius but to do so in a way that ensures he burns in the fires of hell for all eternity can be read as prevarication but also as distinctly sadistic, if one so desires.


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