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I am sorry that Part II has taken ages. I didn’t actually have a huge amount left to write when I posted Part I, but unfortunately the bug struck. I am now back at work, but still disgusting to be around and thoroughly bored of the whole thing. I would like a good night's sleep and to be able to move 5 yards from a box of tissues. Anyway, I have recovered so far as to manage a bit of writing rather than just watching Olympic cross-country skiing in the evening so I can delete it from the DVR, and here is the second part.

NB Spoilers for the murdered and murderer in Miss Pym Disposes

Miss Vane Disposes

Part 2 )
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In my last post I mentioned that Josephine Tey's Miss Pym Disposes was leading me to commit fic. This is the fic. It is not the fic I am supposed to be writing, nor the fic I am writing instead of the fic I am supposed to be writing, but it is fic and I have written it.

As is obvious from the title, a debt is owed to [personal profile] ankaret's Lois Sanger Disposes.

This is Part (1). It doesn't contain major spoilers (an important non-murderous plot event is referred to, but unfolds differently than in canon), but Part (2) will do so.

Miss Vane Disposes

Part 1 )
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The mind works in mysterious – or simply dreadful – ways. The mole in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is code-named Gerald. Present me with a spy called Gerald, a plausible time-period, and the madness that comes at the end of term, and the result is inevitable.

In my defence, I kept it to exactly 100 words, so it is a proper drabble.

The Spy Who Came in from East Anglia

‘Credo quia impossibile be damned!’ said Peter. ‘I can’t believe that Jerry was a Russian spy. He could scarcely manage je ne parle pas francais, let alone Russian.’

‘I appreciate it’s quite a shock, your Grace’ said the Permanent Secretary, ‘but I’m afraid it’s true. Your brother wrote a lengthy confession.’

‘Bang goes my security clearance,’ muttered Peter. ‘Not that I’ve much time for the FO these days. Who was his contact? He can’t have been passing stuff to Moscow himself.’

‘We don’t know. British, well-travelled, access to sophisticated photographic equipment. Codename might be Greyfriars.’

Peter felt a dreadful qualm.
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This one's for [personal profile] azdak, who having introduced me to "17 Moments of Spring" and then started writing fic about it, inevitably set me off on the same track. I'll have you know the second person narrative is canonical...

Strange, friend )
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This is perhaps not so much a fic as a thought-experiment: how would Bunter have resolved the Dead Turk Incident at Downton Abbey? This also explains why it has been languishing on my hard-drive with no idea as to what to do with it; there isn’t really anything to do with it, because I’m not interesting in writing more of a story around it. I have tidied it up a bit so that it sort of concludes, but I think the real story is probably the next bit that I’m not going to write, which I’ve just decided is told from Thomas’s POV and is the story of two decades of seething envy of Bunter for getting the posh footman job now, a better job in the war, and then being valet to a London bachelor with ample opportunity to blackmail people as well as live the high life a bit himself.

For proper fic on the DTI I once again recommend [personal profile] executrix’s Maiden Overs.

Nobody’s Business but the Turk’s )
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Further to my previous post, a cross-over fic that I am never going to write, life being too short and also it being one of those fics which are fun in the abstract, but ultimately a cut and paste of the names unless you’re going to write the really long version, which I am not (though if I had any skills in that direction I could almost be tempted to try a vid). It’s under a cut because it contains a major spoiler for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, namely the identity of the mole*.

In which Peter Wimsey is in fact a Russian spy )

*I do hope that someone somewhere has written a TTSS/The Wind in the Willows crossover.
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Harriet Vane was born in 1900 or 1903, depending on novel. She could well have still been alive in 1994-98 and thus able to appear on Caroline Aherne's Mrs Merton Show. Thus is engendered one of the world's shortest crossover fics.


"What first, Harriet, attracted you to the millionaire Lord Peter Wimsey?"


For the uninitiated, the reference can be seen here.


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