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When fandom fails to deliver, sometimes there's no option but to do it yourself. So here's the Elisabeth das Musical*/Discworld Death crossover that apparently no-one else felt the need for.

Beyond the Veil
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Elisabeth - Levay/Kunze, Discworld
Rating: General Audiences, CNTW
Summary: The Empress Elisabeth was dead and Death had come to claim her. But he wasn't quite the anthropomorphic personification that she had been expecting.

For those not familiar with the musical the other Death looks more or less like this. The major costume constant between different productions appears to be copious eyeliner.

*Another musical that has inexplicably failed to make it to the London stage.
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As opposed to Thing to do in Denver when you're Dead*.

As prompted by recent sad events.

Death in Denver

The golden dust swimming in the light of a warm March morning suddenly parted, as a presence entered the library and coughed.


‘Oh,’ said the Duke, laying the Caxton he held gently upon the table. ‘Death, as the psalmist says, is certain to all, but I was hoping to have a bit longer. That is,’ he added, turning white as if suddenly frightened by something inside his own head, an impressive feat for a man confronted by a seven foot skeleton, ‘it is me you’ve come for?’


‘Well, that’s something. It’s not been a bad innings. A lot longer than I thought it might be, at times. That spot near Caudry was dashed tight.’


‘I suppose that you would.’ The Duke straightened. ‘Have I time to say goodbye? Or doesn’t it work like that?’


‘That might be – ’


‘No. No, I’ve never fancied being a ghost, not even for seeing Harriet. I rather thought I’d make it the outward voyage only.’

I THINK, said Death, looking as embarrassed as an expressionless skull can manage, THERE IS SOME MISUNDERSTANDING, YOU HAVE A GOOD DEAL OF TIME LEFT. THAT IS – a spectral hourglass materialised in a skeletal hand – AS LONG AS YOU KEEP TO THE SPEED LIMIT.

‘I shall certainly do so in future. But if I’m not to die, and you’re not here for anyone else, what is, if you don’t mind my asking, your business in my library?’


*Gosh, that fic is old. I really need to do an index.
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Having read Raising Steam over new year (and needing to read it again, as I was not exactly on form for concentration), I have since been re-reading every bit of Discworld with mention of Lady Margolotta*. I appreciate that Margolotta is one of those characters who works most effectively when kept off-stage, but I can’t help wishing that weren’t the case. Though having said that I also like the continuing ambiguity of the contemporary, and indeed past, relationship between her and Vetinari – it fits nicely with my enjoyment of maintaining multiple interpretations at once.

Anyway, I felt obliged to compensate a bit, so here follows shortish Vetinari...Margolotta fic. It’s under a cut as there is technically a spoiler for Raising Steam, but it’s really only a spoiler for the basic concept of most of the novel.

*And feeling once again that Unseen Academicals is seriously under-appreciated on LJ. The fact that it is culturally specific for things that LJ isn’t big on doesn’t help – if a person doesn’t recognise (or think to Google when it is the only type on a page) “They think it’s all over”, they are probably not very well equipped to get much of the nuance out of the story. I am similarly under-appreciative of Soul Music, because I am not well informed about Music with Rocks in.

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I’ve just finished reading Unseen Academicals, which I enjoyed a lot. I had seen some lukewarm (and that is putting it generously) reviews on LJ (and much more enthusiastic ones elsewhere), but then people on LJ appear to like Moist von Lipwig and I don’t. I enjoyed the football and the complexities around what Vetinari is doing with it, the focus on some new characters, and the glimpse round the back of Unseen University. I always enjoy Unseen University, in this case, the agonies of the Archchancellor having to treat as an equal the treacherous colleague who has actually applied for and got a job* elsewhere, at a different, new, and thus by all that UU holds dear, inherently inferior, institution.

Inevitably I like Lord Vetinari, and inevitably I like Lady Margolotta, and thus, inevitably, I like Vetinari/Margolotta though I am not convinced that they actually are, ahem, these days. So I wrote my first discworld fic. The end contains implicit spoilers for (some of) the end of Unseen Academicals.

*Bear in mind that there are still plenty of people about who don’t think one should have to do anything as vulgar as apply for an Oxford professorship. Interviews only became a requirement in the nineties.

Fic I

The vampire Lady Margolotta did not drink ... wine )


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