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Courtesy of [personal profile] lilliburlero and [personal profile] legionseagle.

Comment with one of my fandoms and I'll tell you:

the character I least understand
interactions I enjoyed the most
the character who scares me the most
the character who is mostly like me
hottest looks character
one thing I dislike about my fave character
one thing I like about my hated character
a quote or scene that haunts me
a death that left me indifferent
a character I wish died but didn’t
my ship that never sailed
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I thought that I had already ticked the "stupid thing of the week" box when on Sunday I walked downstairs with damp feet, no slippers, not paying attention, and feel. During the next second or so, time slowed down to give me ample leisure to reflect on my stupidity. Fortunately it also gave me time to grab the bannister and lift my head, so while I have a sore arm and shoulder and am bruised across two bits of back, neither of them is my tailbone, victim of the stair incident you'd think would have taught me better, and I didn't then bounce the rest of the way to the bottom. My dignity is harmed, but not my forthcoming skiing trip. Though I might pick up some pre-emptive diclofenac from the GP because I'm definitely going to fall down again while I'm there. Annoyingly, the visible bruises are not very impressive.

Anyway, that is the only the second stupidest thing I have done this week, and it's only Tuesday. Far, far worse is that I saw a new chapter of a fic was up and I clicked on it, and now I want to read it and know what happens, but I still have a chapter and a half that was already posted to go that I have skimmed, but not read properly (it is in German. Reading properly takes me a long time). And of course I clicked to an early bit and argh, now I need to know what happens next BUT I WILL BE STRONG!

Stop being productive, author! You were supposed to wait a week until I was on holiday and had more time.

WIP meme

Jan. 28th, 2017 10:35 am
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I am taking the keywords in this to be 'in progress'. An idea in my head or notes jotted down, or even several pages of scenes, does not count for the purpose; this is basically the top of the pile that are most likely to be finished/actively worked on any time soon.

Corsica This is the untitled Wimsey/Harry Potter crossover fic about to have the mpreg ruthlessly cut, currently standing at c.85,000 words. It is not in fact going to be finished any time soon because there is still a lot to go, but I really, really want to finish this, and I really, really ought to make a push to finish this. I know where it's going, who the murderer is (because it is Wimsey/HP crossover crack-turned-casefic), I even know the final scene. I just have to write it all... I have no idea how much longer it will be, but I think it is unlikely to come in at less than another 20,000 words of plot, plus going back and taking out the mpreg and dealing with the narrative ramifications of that.

The Whispering Grass Non-crack, non-crossover, a take on a familiar fic scenario for Tanz der Vampire, i.e. how the Count came to accidentally murder his wife in a scenario that is basically Fields of Gold: the sick version. So classic angst-fic, really. I've got notes for pretty much the whole thing, I just have to write it up... This might be a recurring theme.

In the Studio. Yuri on Ice as observed by figure skating commentators. Three chapters posted, just one to go. I'm going to attempt to finish it this weekend; it shouldn't take long, just needs discipline and to re-watch episodes 11 and 12.

Round and Golden. Yakov-centric account of the unfortunate incident in Turin when Victor and Chris were teenagers. Another one for which I rapidly jotted down notes of the whole thing, but haven't moved on to doing the complete version. But it shouldn't take too long to finish.

Rostelecom hotel room. Untitled fic as to how Victor manoeuvres Yuuri into sharing a hotel room in Moscow and what happens when they get there. Half-written, know what's happening in the second half, just haven't bloody written it.

The Immovable Object In which Miles Vorkosigan meets the only power that might be able to stop him: the Vorkosiverse equivalent of the UKBA. The fact that the Vorkosiverse equivalent of the UKBA are the good guys in this story might give you indication as to how I feel about the narrative attitude some facets of Miles' character in the later books. And now all together - lots of notes, know where it's going, need to write up the remaining 80%...
And now time to get on with the day so I can do some of it!
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My fandom year ended annoyingly as the new year's eve performance of Five Guys Named Moe I was supposed to go to was cancelled due to cast illness (possibly the stinking cold going round that has deprived me of most of my voice). But the year ended, a new one has begun, and as I am supposed to be packing to get the train home tomorrow, I am allowing time for a meme instead.

Courtesy of [personal profile] naraht

1. Your main fandom of the year?

I think that this probably has to be Tanz der Vampire. Not because I've written loads in it (grand total: two fics) or am active in the online fandom, but because as a direct result of it I've started learning German again and went on holiday to see it, so in terms of personal commitment it definitely gets a lot of points.

2. Your favourite film watched this year?

*Attempts to think which films I've seen this year* I'm really not sure. Perhaps When Marnie Was There. Not because it was the best film I've seen this year (I'm assuming they were also supposed to be in the cinema), because Carol, Rams, and The Wind Rises were all better. But it was an excellent film that introduced me to a new genre, was gripping all the way through, and portrayed the travails of childhood done with much sensitivity and skill.

3. Your favourite book read this year?

Oh dear, I'm not sure about this one, either. Not the first Elena Ferrante - it caught me in the wrong mood and I didn't finish it, though I shall certainly come back to it. I don't think I could really call it a favourite, but perhaps the book that has left the most lasting impression on me this year has been Stefan Zweig's autobiography The World of Yesterday, which felt at times appallingly topical. His description of the events leading up to the First World War, not as the thunderous hoofbeats of history, but as something that just sort of happens while being so bizarre a concept that it is impossible to believe it is actually going to happen. Zweig literally gets the last train back from Belgium (where he has been on a seaside holiday) to Germany and sees troops and trains massing at the border and even then he recounts still thinking/telling himself that it's obviously manoeuvres, because there's no way that Germany is going to invade Belgium. It's not the best-written book I've read this year, but it was fascinating. Even the several chapters of deeply-tedious fanboying of early C20 minor French and Belgian poets gain pathos later when one appreciates the degree to which Zweig is writing in exile, looking back to a different world that, for all its egregious faults, was not the world of World Wars and the Holocaust.

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?

Oh dear, this probably has to be Yuri on Ice. Fun as Deutschland 83, Trapped and The Night Manager were, enchanting as Planet Earth II inevitably was, YOI was a delightful accompaniment to a rather trying autumn and something to look forward to amidst the global and domestic politics and perpetual nose-blowing/sniffing/48 hour flu etc.

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?

I have certainly spent too much time on FFA.

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?

Quite how many hits/kudos it is possible to get through production of a timely fic in a larger fandom. I shall not be switching all my fic production to hunt-the-kudos, but it is a nice change on occasion.

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

(1) Me. Definitely not enough writing, the giant Wimsey/HP crossover made some progress but still isn't finished (and I've realised that I think I'm going to do a major edit of one aspect of it, kill your darlings argh), and I had lots of ideas for various things and just haven't got to more than rough notes of it. It's basically a question of time and energy (and German), but very annoying.

(2) Therese Johaug (Norwegian cross-country skier) failed a doping test and is currently suspended pending the formal outcome. I veer between thinking that her account is plausible as someone having an ill-timed but understandable in the circumstances moment of carelessness over medication that clearly brought no performance benefit, and that that is exactly the sort of story that you'd come up with if you were in fact doping and that maybe there's a reason for that extra sprint prowess last year.
I'm a lot less disappointed with the ongoing revelations about some of the Russians because I've had suspicions for longer, not least because of their pattern of competition.

(skips a couple of questions, can't be bothered to re-number)

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?

Without a doubt, going to see Tanz der Vampire live, which is a good thing considering I went to another country in order to do so. Absolutely enormous fun, surrounded by an audience of people also having enormous fun. With vampires.

Honourable mention for Yuri on Ice episode 10 . I laughed like a drain the entire episode and spent far too much time on the internet afterwards. It was hilarious, but also really enjoyable to see a work really pull off a narrative switch on the audience like that. It's something far more creators attempt than succeed at.

11. The most missed of your old fandoms?
Definitely the moment at which I realised that yes, I really, really did want to go and see The Cursed Child once it was on stage and tickets were unobtainable. I had assumed beforehand that I wouldn't be that fussed, that I'd wait and see how it was reviewed etc. etc. It was a mistake.

12. The fandom you haven’t tried yet, but want to?

My first interest isn't fandom, it's canons. If there turns out to be a fandom that I enjoy that's great. There are plenty of things I have enjoyed reading or watching in which I have very little fannish interest at all, such as Tolkien.

The series of the year I haven't watched appears to be the third series of Norwegian Skam, and I plan to catch up with the lot in 2017. However the English-language fandom (tumblr) sounds awful, and I'm both too late for the Norwegian one and don't have good enough (i.e. any) written Norwegian to participate. Also, world enough and time...

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

Can Andrew Musgrave make the top 10 in the Tour de Ski? (Dubious. Top 15, OTOH, possible and would be nice to see.)

DOING MORE WRITING MYSELF and making an attempt to finish the eternal Wimsey crossover WIP. I will conquer, I swear!
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A far too belated rec for a birthday fic from [personal profile] naraht: Marginal Gains. It’s the Yuri on Ice doping fic the fandom needed: fun, well-characterised, and tackling a subject inexplicably absent from the fandom. I see that it has now turned from one chapter to 1/3, and await the next with much excitement. It was particularly well-timed in view of Friday’s McLaren Report II on state-sponsoring doping in Russian sport. As a cross-country ski fan I await with interest the revelations of any names…

I am still failing to find time for fic, but hopefully might manage more of it from the end of the week when I have a fortnight off work.

In other news, I shall be going to a work ‘winter school’ in Barcelona in March for a week. Most exciting! I have never been to mainland Spain and can’t speak a word of Spanish beyond ‘gracias’, which I probably pronounce incorrectly. It is a joint European universities initiative thing, and the theme of this one turns out to be ‘internationalism’, which might explain why I got in since my application leaned heavily on the subject of ‘you should give me a place because post-Brexit, British universities need all the European connections they can get.’ On the downside, I believe it involves networking.
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I posted a fic last night. I'm not sure what time, maybe about 10:30 - 11pm. I was tired and ought to have gone to bed, but often when I have a cold I feel my best late evening, so I didn't. The fic is this one: In the Studio. It's about 500 words, outsider POV of a canon moment, namely the episode broadcast earlier yesterday, and inspired by a combination of an unlucky Eurosport commentator and Test Match Special.

Since then, I have been sitting back and watching the stats add up and for someone who is used to small book fandoms, the contrast is bizarre. At this point it has the most hits of everything I've ever posted on AO3, and it has achieved that in less than 24 hours. It has three times as many kudos as the next fic - which is also a short fic in the same fandom - and five times as many kudos as the third-ranked fic, which is the post-Gaudy Night Peter/Harriet one.

This is definitely not my best ever fic. There's nothing wrong with it, it's short and fun, it found a happy audience. But if you're in need of a quick ego-boost, get thee to an active slash-heavy fandom with new canon and tag with the main pairing!

Normal service will be resumed shortly when I decide to write a quiet character study for a minor character from something like Beware of Pity.
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(1) I can't suggest that prompt! What if I want to write it one day?

(2) Obviously I should be writing and posting that fic now, but obviously I can't in case I should do it for Yuletide, when it could get more readers. /procrastinates
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Courtesy of [personal profile] lilliburlero (who is right about it's air of oh-gosh-sincerity - I do not actually promise to be entirely sincere :-) )

Ask me a question about one of my fics or series. It can be absolutely anything in any project and I will tell you the honest-to-goodness answer (even on the progress/plans for next chapters of current series). You can also ask about my writing as a whole, if you like.


I have spent the morning working from home on a report, which naturally therefore involved spending the first two hours trying to get the new remote desktop set-up to work. It eventually did, but not without much teeth-grinding. Naturally I am therefore behind on where I wanted to be, while feeling that I have used more brain-power than if it had all started as planned...

Fic meme

Apr. 9th, 2016 03:05 pm
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Courtesy of [personal profile] lilliburlero

Fic Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Comment with a word, any word. If it’s in my WIP document(s) I’ll answer your comment with the sentence that it appears in.
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I really need to buy that thesaurus. Still, with some effort I have managed to come up with sufficient synonyms for "terror".

I wish that those five years of daily primary school assemblies followed by four years of middle school thrice a week ones had been a bit less parables and 1980s school hymns*, and a bit more Book of Common Prayer so that I didn't have to hope that the quotations dictionary*** would contain something suitable for my fic purposes. It did, and the fic proceedeth towards its end. Fortunately the question of "was this vampire count Orthodox or Catholic during his life" can be left for another occasion.****

*Of the ten, we did eight of these, "Kum ba yah" cropped up in other singing, and I know a bit of "Colours of day" because my sisters' middle school did it. The effect on my spirituality can be summed up in that the most sincere observance of ritual I engaged in was to make sure to tidy the money tray before lunch on any day in winter that we sang "When I Needed a Neighbour" as in combination this was an unfailing spell to make it rain and let us stay in at dinner time.** I do occasionally sing some of them in the shower, though.

**Whereas "Have you heard the raindrops" was just a song about rain, and the chorus was invariably flat.

***My The New Penguin Dictionary of Quotations is absolutely indispensable for Wimseyfic, though this is not the genre in question this evening.

****Though I expect to go for Catholic should it be necessary to specify, it's simpler. Fascinating as the Unitarian Church of Transylvania is to read about, and the period is right, I think I'll leave that one out of it.
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* It is week 7 at work, which is really week 8 because we have a week 0. The building water supply is contaminated with Serious Germs. The taps are taped up. We can use the toilets + anti-bacterial hand gel (no, thank you) or go to another building. Not next door, they've now got the same problem... What joy it is. On the plus side, my unexpected last hour of the day yesterday spent getting running round trying to arrange things to get someone whose visa'd passport had been stolen back into the country this lunchtime ended up working, so that was good. Since this person wasn't actually one of our employees, I am expecting a small box of chocolates to turn up in return. Mostly, though, my work thoughts are occupied in hoping to avoid Intestinal Doom, for which the incubation period is now extended.

* Is this a mid-life crisis? I appear to re-visiting my teenage years. The vampire musical watching turned into re-reading Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, and that was all very well (I still hate Lestat, a man who deserves to be murdered many times over, and since he is a vampire, can be), but then at the weekend I bought a pair of trousers, and… There is nothing wrong with these trousers. They are excellent trousers and I shall wear them on Christmas day and for going to the theatre when I can’t be bothered with a dress and so on, which is what I bought them for. They are black with that sort of damask effect that is about at the moment, and they fit nicely and suit me well.

It’s just that I realised when trying them on again at home that I could cosplay a vampire count in them. Especially when added to the black blouse with big sleeves and beads on it (Laura Ashley late 90s) and dark red velvet waistcoat (Dorothy Perkins mid 90s) that lurk at the bottom of a suitcase in case I find myself needing a random fancy dress costume. At least I don't own a Dracula wig.

* Speaking of clothing... Does your suit jacket constrict your movements when you want to leap mighty buildings in a single bound, exercise your licence to kill while drinking a martini, dance cheek to cheek, or merely play the violin? A high armscye is the answer! I suspect that it also contributes to why Peter Wimsey can't pick up a napkin with a couple of broken ribs. On a more mundane level, you can see this effect in action on your non-Savile Row clothes by comparing e.g. the greater arm-movement you get in a tight leather jacket compared to an elasticated T-shirt with low arm-holes.

* In a fortnight's time I shall be on annual leave for Christmas! This is both good and bad... There is quite a lot to do before Christmas. I am suffering from tree indecision. After my last real tree bit the dust after 2014, failing to survive the next year, I resolved I would buy an artificial one, which is really more convenient when you're going to be away from home for nearly a fortnight. And yet I have not done so. The problem is, the artificial ones don't smell. I did the artful bunch of painted twigs last year, that isn't the same, either.

* The OTW seems to be making a fascinating hash of things.
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* It is half-way through November! This means that I need to come up with a Christmas-and-birthday list for the family pronto (it is mostly written), and also that it is halfway through [community profile] picowrimo. Results so far: finished and posted My True Love Has My Heart (AKA the bodyswap fic), and 3100 words on the eternal WIP. The latter was actually done in 4 days, but this proved unsustainable, and indeed contributed to the lack today because I ended up doing paid work on account of my failure to do what I had meant to when working from home on Friday on account of severe knackeredness. Moderation in all things, even Wimseyfic...

But I am determined to push on with the Potterverse crossover Wimseyfic come what may, and not let it drop. It cannot by allowed to slip again and for me to realise, as this time, that eleven months have passed without my really doing anything on it. Not least because I want to do some actually original work.

* For high quality entertainment I recommend informing a friend who enjoys the Vorkosigan books of the plot summary of Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. The facial expression and bemused murmurings of "No? No!" of a friend endeavouring to process yesterday, over afternoon tea, that I was not having her on, will stay with me for some time. As she left determined to write a fic that I liked the sound of a lot, I can even say that something positive came out of it for her as well.

* I found myself walking past, and then going into, this exhibition yesterday, containing a - but not the - Damien Hirst pickled shark. Verdict, interesting but not inspiring, with the Bacon and Couret by far the best.


Jun. 10th, 2015 04:32 pm
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Courtesy of [personal profile] lilliburlero: Post seven sentences of the seventh page of a current WiP.

It has to be the eternal HP/Wimsey Corsican adventure. Page 7 seems to be mostly short-sentence dialogue, and spoilers. Have some of the former.

‘Lord Peter Wimsey, that sounds familiar - of course, the Attenbury Emeralds case! It caused quite a stir on our side. There was a rumour that the emeralds were cursed and that’s why they were sold to old Attenbury. Obviously not, or it’d have been even more of a stir than it was. I’m delighted to meet you, Lord Peter. That was a splendid bit of detective work; I’m afraid I don’t see as much intellectual curiosity as one might like in my job. I try to promote the ethos, but people like Laburnia Montague will always take it as Law Enforcement.’

I realised to my horror the other day that I haven't actually done any work on it since the end of January. That needs to change, urgently, but as I came home from work at lunchtime with mysterious lurgy, it is unlikely to change tonight. On the plus side, I am doing some mending and catching up with Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
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I have just seen a rec for a fic with the following summary:

Ireland, 1920. There's a war on, but no one seems to be playing by the rules. John Watson, injured and unemployed after his time at the Front, joins up with the special forces sent over to keep the peace, but when he meets Sherlock Holmes, the second son of the local lord, he begins to lose track of which side he is on.

It is difficult to believe that it is going to go well. Maybe the author has done an absolutely brilliant job and successfully avoided the many pitfalls involved in setting their c.120,000 words fandom AU in another country during a war that has numerous rumbles extending into the present-day. If so, good for them! But on the balance of probabilities, probably not.

To some extent I sympathise with the author, having been involved in a recent discussion on FFA about the total lack of fandom activity associated with The Jewel in the Crown*. But even less than my qualifications to write TJitC fic that isn't prequel or future-fic for Sarah Layton set in England, is the chance of success in, for example, writing a Sherlock AU set in British India during WWII with Sherlock taking the role of Ronald Merrick.**

It's not that I think there is material that fandom shouldn't touch. I do think that there is material that if fandom touches it, the chances of doing it well are probably quite small for lots of people. Especially when they lack personal engagement with, or high level academic study in, the subjects concerned.

[ETA: There's something to be added here about genre, ambition, the genre-tourism element potentially involved in AU (tropey or otherwise), comedic licence, the nature of the original canon, and how they all complicate things.

Also, I am now imagining a wide variety of ludicrous crossovers with TJitC. Merrick is definitely one of Crowley's successes. It's practically canon. Barbie has probably met Aziraphale.]

*Challenge number one, it's long and dense.

**I am suddenly imagining a Jewel in the Crown bakery AU, in which Merrick is the son of a corner shop keeper who has risen to regional manager in a supermarket chain and who can't stand their bread sales being challenged by an upstart Polish version of Greggs.
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Of all the things I was planning to do this morning, writing David Eddings fic came very low on the list. Especially David Eddings theological discussion fic. But this is what I have done.

It is posted at A03: A Question of Doctrine.

I could be worse, it could have been that fic I keep thinking about writing that explains that the reason Styric clothing is distinctive is that they have invented bias cut.
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Courtesy of [personal profile] lilliburlero:

When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

I will also quote her selection method, it being mine in such cases: 'Not random, of course, but carefully chosen to intrigue and titillate.'


RENE: You may be wondering what I am doing in the dungeons of the Chateau chained to the wall and dressed in the uniform of a Standartenfuhrer.


‘Lord Auditor Count Vorkosigan,’ said the voice, with undisguised indifference, ‘welcome to the Tower.’

(Aside, have I missed something, or are there no count/cunt jokes in the Vorkosigan series? And if not, surely this is an oversight given the canonical Barrayaran fondness for Shakespeare who made them often.)


Wimsey shrugged. ‘I’m not sure that I really believe in souls, not in that way. The opposing party claim that even if it is true, remorse can heal it, though naturally it leaves a scar.’
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The progression of fruit marks the turning of the year. Blood oranges mark that one day winter will have an end. True spring begins with asparagus.* Last week I purchased the first English Discovery apples (the best apple), and English plums. Driving to Cambridge on Friday afternoon, the sloes in the hedgerows were distressingly blue. Opening my bedroom curtains this morning I saw that the first leaves on the bird cherry trees have turned red. Only two, but still: the harvest is passed, the summer is ended, and soon I have a fortnight off work.

*I know, not a fruit.

In the meantime, have a meme about books. I can’t imagine that anyone wants to know my Drink of Choice while Reading (A: Depends on the circumstances in which I am reading, so now you know anyway), but there are more interesting questions.

Book meme )
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Dear self,

Could you please try and keep the short crackfic that you are writing instead of the long crackfic, actually short? Shortness is your only justification for spending time on it.



In the meantime, have short crackfic that DLS didn’t write, either. At least, she did write it but in a very different context.



He shook his head, vexed at his own impotence.

(Busman’s Honeymoon, chapter XVI)
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I think this one is for [personal profile] el_staplador. The Daleks sing G&S....

It's also pitch-perfect on ye generick Classic FM adverts.
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This was going round a while ago and I had no time to do it. But now I will!

Give me a character and I will tell you...

* How I feel about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
* Something about them I consider true, even though it's only my head canon/fanon


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