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*Drum roll* BBC4 Saturday night once again brings us must-see Scandinavian programme, this time, costume drama.

1864! A year to echo down the ages. 1864! A year of blood and infamy, of heroism, of folly, of despair!

1864, the year of the Second Schleswig War!

*screeches to a halt*

Yes, it's an eight-part epic costume drama on the Schleswig-Holstein question, subject of about 15 minutes at A-level lo those many years ago. It stars the usual suspects of Danish TV, and has prompted dialect!fail wank on the internet. I can't wait.
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It being November, and I am attempting to make progress with the never-ending Wimsey/Potterverse crossover mpreg fic. I have now got to the point where the bandits appear, and naturally, this was an excuse for some research. Or ‘research’.

In the course of which I discovered this extract from British Pathé news on a French campaign against bandits in 1931 (how fortunate my story is set in the 20s): Cleaning Up Corsica!

I should note that my bandits, being not only fictional, but fictional bandits who have read about fictional bandits, are a lot better dressed.
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I couldn’t let this one pass without acknowledgement: researcher proposes that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were actually in Nineveh.

Annoyingly, we finally have a sunny day that isn’t also windy, and I’m at work. This is entirely my fault, so I can’t bitch too much except that I really need to learn my lesson and not schedule myself to work on a bank holiday and then not be able to back out because I’m relying on it to get some work done. I can always schedule not to work and then change my mind if it pours with rain.


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