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Too good not to share widely: Mainer attacked by rabid raccoon drowns it in puddle.

HOPE, Maine — While jogging on a familiar, overgrown, wooded trail near her home on a recent warm afternoon, Rachel Borch thought to herself, “what a beautiful day.”

Little did she know she was about to be attacked by a rabid raccoon she would end up killing with her bare hands.

Seriously, this has to be read.
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LOTS of reindeer*, migrating from winter to summer pastures on NRK's latest snow TV. After a slow start when they weren't very interested in moving, they are finally on the march, though even this involves a lot of time standing around eating. Reindeer moss cannot be very nutritious, even for reindeer. Technically these are semi-domesticated reindeer, and the ones belonging to the Sara family. Mostly the soundtrack is reindeer walking or eating, or snowscooters, but occasionally there is Sami pop music.

Embed not working, so see link.

ETA: Department of you couldn't make it up: Tate Gallery asks staff to contribute to leaving present for the Director. Of a boat. The weak after stopping the staff canteen discount. Was it meant to be performance art?

* Rangifer tarandus for those interested in cervical disambiguation.
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Not just a cuddly face...

Woman attacked by wombat thought she was going to die.

Should Sir Z- R- have any enemies, perhaps he could invoke its aid.
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First there was the amazing bear webcam of bears in the middle of an Alaskan river catching salmon (and of salmon leaping, if you're more into fish). Now for those who are more into wildfowl, there are multiple Norwegian sea birds, including a puffin sitting in the mouth of its burrows.
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Though not as light as in my parents' spare bedroom, in which my mother had inexplicably decided that she would take down the curtains and just have the blackout up because that would work better. It didn't. Oh well, I slept well for two of the three nights, once the issue had been remedied with emergency clothes pegs.

I have seen a red squirrel! Sadly I did not photograph the red squirrel, but it was there, at the RSPB's Loch Leven nature reserve. I've seen red squirrels before on holiday, but I think this was my first in the UK.

How are we now half-way through May? Finally I am nearly over the latest cold, although this did not prevent my having my precipitous exit from a meeting this afternoon to hare down the corridor and cough disgustingly in the solitude of the disabled lavatory. Next to use not being lurgified to WRITE SOME DAMNED FIC!
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It has been shown that asparagus makes everyone's urine smell, but only some people have the gene that enables them to detect said smell.

I think that coriander tastes like soap to everyone, it's just that some of us like that.



Me: OK, out of these two weeks in July, the second one suits you better for me to visit. Are you are sure that Mum doesn't want to do [thing] in that week?

Parents: Definitely.


Mum: Have you booked your plane tickets for July?

Me: Not yet, I was going to do it tonight.

Mum: Oh good. I'd like to do [thing] after all, can you come the previous week?

As Ian Fletcher would put it in Twenty Twelve, it's all good.

ETA: This morning.

Mum: Actually, I've decided that's not a good idea, I won't do [thing] this time, so we can go back to the original week.


At least I know where I get my indecisiveness from.
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And I feel knackered. A trip yesterday evening to London to meet friends didn't help, but since they were down from Durham it was not like an alternative date was an option. However it would help if I weren't going to London again tomorrow. Ah well, at least that is a daytime excursion and reading on the train is relaxing in its own way, albeit the underground isn't. I stopped at M&S on the way home and purchased chocolate and pizza. I already had wine and rocket salad in the fridge. I need a haircut, but am reluctant to get one before I go on holiday because I don't want my head to get cold. I have at least an excuse to collapse in the evenings, as the final tour of the cross-country skiing season is taking place in Canada at the perfect time to watch on the sofa.

Speaking of cold things, have wild boar demonstrating their inability to walk on ice. I feel that its expression at 9 seconds says it all.

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It is February. It is wet. It is windy. It is dark. Drastic action is required, and to this end I give you incredibly cute squirrels:

Squirrel with rucksack. Photographer Ida Johanne Nova.

(Photographer Ida Johanne Nova.)

More cute squirrels for a wet weekend here and here.
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The wild beavers of Devon previously mentioned are doing nicely. Having been trapped and tested, they have proved the right species and variously germ and parasite free, and there’s now a five year monitoring process. But since they are a native species (however they got here), it seems a reasonable supposition that things are now going to have to go very badly wrong (beavers invade farmhouses and steal sewing machines and marmalade to support their feckless lifestyle) for them to be evicted.

Meanwhile, the beavers have been doing their part by reproducing. Watch baby beavers on the BBC.

They’ve some way to go to catch up with the Scottish ones, now numbering 150 plus on Tayside (another unofficial set), and a smaller number in the official trial at Knapside.
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Yesterday I went to see Force Majeure at the cinema, your standard Swedish drama about a family who find themselves in an avalanche incident and discover that the power of nature is as nothing in its destructive force compared to the power of the human response. Highly recommended, really rather funny, and containing one of the best beards on film since The Ten Commandments. I bumped into [personal profile] white_hart afterwards, and I don't think she would object to my saying that whether the film makes you want to go skiing will depend entirely on whether you already like skiing*.

In the way of things, I have reacted by watching avalanche videos on YouTube, preferably not ones of idiots boasting of their lucky escapes - sadly, most fatal avalanches are caused by people. Instead, have a video of an absolutely enormous non-fatal avalanche set off by humans in a sensible deliberate way (the explosions are c. 27 sec in). It must have been staggering to watch IRL.

There's another video of the mine workers watching it here.

*I like skiing. That said, my enjoyment of skiing comes very much second to my desire to avoid avalanches, which makes cross-country particularly suitable as the terrain that is suitable for cross-country off-piste is pretty much de facto non-avalanche-able. My desire to ski in avalanche terrain is about as much as my desire to go black water caving.


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