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I have just ordered Vogue 8772, 50% off, free postage - which means it is still twice what it would cost in the current US sale, but you can't have everything. I think I might try it in something cheap before I cut into my Liberty silk crepe - after all, it's only my first go at a buttoned blouse, what could possibly go wrong?
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Thanks to being off sick and thus finding myself bored on Tuesday afternoon I have rescued the overly foxglovey dress of this post. V neck replaces round collar, sides taken in just under the arms, and a self-fabric belt. It’s the belt that really makes it work, turning it from a shape that simply doesn’t suit me to one that does. So hours of work are not wasted, and I have another outfit for the office. I suppose that making sure something actually works on you and looks good is the point of sewing if yourself...

Random question, does anyone know of Vorkosigan fics in which Ekaterin leaves Miles?

ETA: And very long shot, fic in which dark!Miles gets himself cloned in order to get the Ivan-like body he never had?
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It has been raining since eight o'clock this morning. I have therefore used the day to do something useful. Unfortunately, "something useful" has been the discovery that the Decades of Style Girl Friday blouse (with simplified collar) is a fitting disaster. The waist is OK, the neck is OK, the shoulders and chest - in the thorax sense of the term - are a disaster. It utterly swamps me, and short of covering the thing with random darts I can't see how to salvage it. At least the fabric was only about £2.50, so I don't feel I have to throw any more time at it. I'll see if I can fiddle with the pattern and get anything out of it as an interesting variation on a T-shirt to salvage my £20 (pattern plus outrageous international shipping). I think that the problem is the combination of a shoulder dart and sleeves that are an extension of the body, which results in a lot of fabric around the back and front. I like the principle of the shoulder dart, but I haven't got the ribcage to take up the space created - it would work if there were a proper fitted sleeve, but not as is.

In short, I don't think I'll bother with Decades of Style again - that's the second pattern I haven't been impressed with, the sizing is inconsistent, and the instructions are rubbish. Next up, a bog-standard McCalls skirt that can't go wrong.

And now I'm going to make [personal profile] bookwormsarah's Amazing Aubergine for dinner, in the hope that it will warm me up against the rain.

ETA: No I'm not, the damn aubergine has gone off.
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One of the rules in sewing garments that you don't want to look 30 years out of date, is to use the right fabric. Which is why I didn't buy any flowery print cotton in Abingdon yesterday. There was plenty of it, but it just pinged that dated* feeling. So I shall be making the skirt for which it was intended out of some very good quality light red Irish linen with a beautiful finish, and will see if I can pick up some fake Liberty in London next Saturday, where I find mysself unexpectedly for The Damnation of Faust (Terry Gilliam directing), or I will be once I have bought a ticket.

Anyway, the point of this is that I did find some fine cream jersey, printed with birds that looked like Victorian naturalist prints, and which instantly pinged the "excess commercial stock" sense that means you know you're not going to look like a drippy milkmaid stuck in the eighties. The man at the till did not know where it was from, but the sixth-former next to him did - "I've seen tops in that fabric in New Look" (thank you Ebay for example. Though the fabric is much flasher than that picture implies). Which also explains why it is thin enough to require lining. I bought 3m (60" - the other benefit of commercial stuff), and it is destined for a dress with cross-over front and gathered skirt. Probably.

Also this weekend I have discovered that I like mussels, which I last ate in 1993 on the Harwich-Hamburg ferry just before a very bad storm. You can imagine that would put one off.

This weekend I have not made progress on the Hilary/Bunter fic. This is not good. It is because the next scene involves Peter's telling Harriet about the book, which is harder than making up fake thirties romance novel scenes.

*As distinct from retro.


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