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Jun. 6th, 2016 11:32 am
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Among other things...

Trousers taken up: 1 pair
Trousers let down: 1 pair (NB they were different trousers)

Tennis matches watched whilst doing the same: 1
Inevitable Serbian victories: 1

Summer holidays booked: 0
Rueful acknowledgement that you ought to have started sorting out summer holidays much sooner: many

Hollyhocks purchased: 1
Hollyhocks planted: 0

Pieces of writing worked on: 2
Web searches in conjunction with said writing include:
- How long does a body take to fall*
- Electrocution
- Electric shock deaths UK
- How long does plaster of Paris take to dry

I really hope that no-one I know turns up electrocuted with plaster casts taken of any part of their body before they're pushed off something. Obviously I would hope that anyway, but generally with less self-interest.

*Alas the Wikipedia page on equations for a falling body is the wrong kind of body, but the Splat Calculator (from a climbing website) was very helpful.
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I really need to buy that thesaurus. Still, with some effort I have managed to come up with sufficient synonyms for "terror".

I wish that those five years of daily primary school assemblies followed by four years of middle school thrice a week ones had been a bit less parables and 1980s school hymns*, and a bit more Book of Common Prayer so that I didn't have to hope that the quotations dictionary*** would contain something suitable for my fic purposes. It did, and the fic proceedeth towards its end. Fortunately the question of "was this vampire count Orthodox or Catholic during his life" can be left for another occasion.****

*Of the ten, we did eight of these, "Kum ba yah" cropped up in other singing, and I know a bit of "Colours of day" because my sisters' middle school did it. The effect on my spirituality can be summed up in that the most sincere observance of ritual I engaged in was to make sure to tidy the money tray before lunch on any day in winter that we sang "When I Needed a Neighbour" as in combination this was an unfailing spell to make it rain and let us stay in at dinner time.** I do occasionally sing some of them in the shower, though.

**Whereas "Have you heard the raindrops" was just a song about rain, and the chorus was invariably flat.

***My The New Penguin Dictionary of Quotations is absolutely indispensable for Wimseyfic, though this is not the genre in question this evening.

****Though I expect to go for Catholic should it be necessary to specify, it's simpler. Fascinating as the Unitarian Church of Transylvania is to read about, and the period is right, I think I'll leave that one out of it.


Jan. 19th, 2016 10:44 pm
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Help me, I seem to have forgotten a word and inexplicably do not own a thesaurus.

I want a synonym for "evangelist" in the sense of "person attempting to persuade another of a religion" rather than "John the E- ". I feel sure there is a word that exists that I can't quite remember and that would be better for my purposes; possibly I am wrong, but suggestions as to what it might be will be very gratefully received!

I seem to have failed to have an early night again, but never mind. At least this time it was in pursuit of fic.

ETA: Americanisms especially welcome.
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I have received a gift fic! Traitor to the cause. Vorkosigan fic in which, as the summary puts it, “Miles finally goes too far.”

I had two meetings at work today. Both have been cancelled. I am rather pleased with this as I have a ton of stuff to do that is more important. It would help if I weren’t feeling knackered due to waking up in the middle of the night because I was hungry, failing to go back to sleep after having a biscuit, and then not being able to eat more than half an orange for breakfast because I was tired… Oh irony.

There are too many things on at the cinema! I still haven’t seen Spectre, and I want to see Carol and Bridge of Spies. I really need to actually to get my act together and go, rather than procrastinate. Or end up at random films about sheep instead.

At the end of [community profile] picowrimo I have managed 6300 words on the eternal WIP, finished the bodyswap fic, and done much thinking about other ideas. I am considering this satisfactory, especially as I am carrying on into December rather than collapsing into a heap. Does anyone have any comments on using Scrivener? One of the many things I have learned from the eternal WIP is that I need a better way of organising both text and notes. Random bits of paper in a carrier bag and notes for different chapters jumbled together in Word docs is not ideal.
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In this case, "Inability to come up with the single short sentence you need to finish the blasted fic." It's not even the final sentence!
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That’s not the perfect analogy, as I’m not being lead by the Ring to torment and madness, but in terms of how putting one foot in front of the other you will inevitably end up at somewhere*, it does well enough for a start.

On how I write. Cut for self-absorption, albeit personally useful self-absorption. Read more... )

*Random thought: in the absence of a boat, could elves swim to the Undying Lands?


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