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Finally, an AU version of the Busman's Honeymoon wedding night and after sequence in which everyone (or almost everyone) ends up fairly cheerful.

What hath night to do with sleep? )
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Inspired by a line in Busman's Honeymoon.

‘Your mother is the most sensible woman I ever met,' said Harriet. 'She has a much better grasp of the facts of life than you have.’

Bride's morning after confession. Titled clubman slays mother, then self.
nineveh_uk: Illustration that looks like Harriet Vane (Harriet)
Great. Having come up with that subject line I am now thinking of "I will be with you on your wedding night" and an entirely unanticipated crossover. But I digress.

It struck me - now over a month ago, the tale has been delayed in the telling - that I had been cruel to Harriet on her wedding night, and I had likewise been cruel to Peter, but there was a third person at Talboys that night (not counting the corpse, who has suffered enough) and that I ought to be cruel to him, too. I have also been cruel to all three of them at once on one occasion (in collaboration), but Bunter has so far got away without vomiting, and that must be remedied.

‘My God!’ said Peter ... ‘do you realise what will happen to us if you die of neglect and starvation?’*

Cut for fic )
nineveh_uk: Illustration that looks like Harriet Vane (Harriet)
Groom’s wedding night confession. Marriage nullified, judge recommends further charges.


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